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Will you need help with loading and unloading?

Our drivers will be happy to help you with your move, and we can also provide extra people if you'd like to make your move a bit quicker.

Can I travel in the van?

Our drivers are always happy to offer any spare seats in their vans to Steve The Greek customer. We have 2 free seats if you want to ride with us

Where you're moving

Your Man and Van quotes depend on how much work needs to be carried out at each end of the move, things like stairs might increase the prices but it's important that we know everything so that we can give you accurate quotes.

Collection Address
Delivery Address

How many hours do you want the vehicle for?

We only charge from pick up to delivery, we estimate that your move will take around 2 hours, 12 minutes, if you think it will take less time you can reduce the number of hours. If you do need more time on the day all of our drivers have a pay as you go rate.

I need the vehicle for

When you're moving

Tell us when you're moving so we can check and guarantee the drivers availability.


About you

We ask for your details so that we can send you a text with a link to your quotes. When you book we'll send a confirmation email and pass your name, email address and phone number to the driver you choose.

Other requirements

Please tick on all the checkboxes that is applicable to you.

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you :)

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